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Mariah Carey on why 'Glitter' wasnt succesful

“I released it around September 11, 2001,” the singer told Swiss newspaper Sonntags Zeitung as translated on fan site MariahDaily. “The talk shows needed something to distract from 9/11. I became a punching bag. I was so successful that they tore me down because my album was at number 2 instead of number 1. The media was laughing at me and attacked me.” Additionally, Mariah also said that the movie was just too cutting-edge for it’s own good. “‘Glitter’ was ahead of its time,” she explained. “Today it’s ‘in’ to make 80’s music.”

who wants to shot this hoe in the face, as one of the few people who saw part of glitter (first 15 minutes), i can assure you that this is not the reason, of course, most intelligent people dont need my reassurance.
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