Kevin McGrath (zanpher717) wrote,
Kevin McGrath


Fourteen things that you are good at:
01]- Video Games
02]- Driving a stick shift
03]- poker (I think)
04]- Keeping DVDs and CDs in alphabetical order
05]- Rummy
06]- ultimate Frisbee
07]- computer stuff
08]- roman numerals
09]- looking busy at work (like right now it looks like I am writing an email)
10]- home run derby
11]- directions
12]- winning things at the last minute on ebay
13]- racquetball
14]- multitasking

Thirteen random things you like:
01]- football in the street
02]- chicken parm
03]- watching soccer
04]- video game chairs
05]- money
06]- snakes
07]- nerdy girls
08]- camera phones
09]- my iPod
10]- aqua teen hunger force
11]- Subaru WRX STI
12]- watching kids play dance dance revolution in the mall
13]- talking politics

Twelve movies that you like watching: (no spec. order)
01]- The Matrix
02]- Good Will Hunting
03]- Fight Club
04]- The American President
05]- Trainspotting
06]- Half Baked
07]- Office Space
08]- Snatch
09]- Bring it on
10]- Terminator 2
11]- Casino
12]- Die Hard 2

Eleven good bands/artists:
01]- Incubus
02]- Deltron 3030
03]- Rage Against the Machine
04]- Ben Folds Five
05]- Jay-Z
06]- The New Deal
07]- Tool
08]- Cake
09]- Sublime
10]- System of a down
11]- Emimen

Ten things about you :
01]- Born in Ireland
02]- Laid Back
03]- Voted Kerry
04]- Usually Late
05]- I am tired right now
06]- size 10 shoes
07]- single
08]- don't like seafood
09]- almost fell off a cliff once
10]- I can usually only think of nine things about myself

Nine CLOSE friends: (in no spec. order)(cant name everyone, sorry)
01]- Doug
02]- George
04]- Nikki
05]- Tara
06]- Jamie
07]- Jay
08]- Jill
09]- Mike

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01]- Chicken
02]- 7&7
03]- Hawaiian Burger/Hawaiian Pizza (maybe I should just make this pineapple)
04]- Margaritas
05]- Honey Mustard
06]- Molsen Ice
07]- brownies
08]- HP sauce

Seven things you wear daily: (this question is dumb, I am making it wear/ carry)
01]- Ipod
02]- Cell Phone
03]- Wallet
04]- Keys
05]- Work ID
06]- underwear (or do I)
07]- footwear

Six things that annoy you:
01]- Bush voters (sorry, but you are dumb, no I am playing, your not all dumb)
02]- People who take long in line for dumb reasons
03]- people who talk to me long after I lost interest in what they were saying
04]- computers that don't work
05]- waking up for work
06]- having to sleep on the floor without a pillow

Five things you touch everyday:
01]- keyboard
02]- playstation 2
03]- steering wheel
04]- food
05]- [insert gross answer here]

Four shows you watch daily (if not daily, a few times a week):
01]- daily show
02]- pardon the interruption
03]- friends
04]- (switches between) everyone loves Raymond, sienfeld, family guy, futurama

Three songs that you can listen to over and over again:
01]- gin and juice (snoop dogg)
02]- Mexico (cake)
03]- know your enemy (Rage against the machine)

Two celebrities/bands that you want to meet:
01]- Shakira
02]- Shakira's twin sister with a British accent (if she doesn't exist then al franken)

One Place you'd like to visit:
01]- Tokyo
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