Kevin McGrath (zanpher717) wrote,
Kevin McGrath


went to visit nikki in syracuse. It was cool. She has a cute little apartment and her area isnt bad, she lives on south campus. The main campus is cool too, it reminds me sort of of lvc, but everything is bigger, bigget buildings, quads and walks.

we had a good time although our timing was bad on everything we did. We are idiots. It was sarahs birthday so her mom and sister were over and did all that stuff. The public transportation is cool there. The busses come regularlly and the trips arent long. It must be nice to never have to walk home drunk at college.

we went to an indian casino about 40 minutes from syracuse, turning stone. It was a good time. I lost 10 dollars on slots almost immediatly. I dont understand how i can never win on those things. The I think i won money on slots twice, 40 on monopoly in AC and 12 on one in vegas cause i put 75 cents in to get rid of my change. After evil slots, i played poker, i had to wait like 8 minutes but it was ok. The poker room was ok but very tight and hard to move around. I won a couple times and quit after i won a big hand, only ended up at like 60 (i started at 40). Me and nix played blackjack then. I was having the best luck. I didnt get 21 at all. But i had good hands and good hits when i hit on like 14 and 15. I was up from 40 to like 150, playing 15-20 per hand, i said i would play till i lost, then i won like 5 in a row. So i ended up 200 up over the night.

nikki convinced me to spend my money on somethng cool instead of just putting it in my bank and paying bills with it. So i bought an iPod (will talk about it later) and then i went on my way. Good holiday weekend.
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