Kevin McGrath (zanpher717) wrote,
Kevin McGrath

i am at work but fuck it, i dont care


the weekend was cool. me and geo drove to his place and chilled for the weekend. Friday we went and hung out with his cousin. whcih was cool. Saturday we talk a walk on the pseudo boardwalk (its a board walk, but no games or shops or anthing, just a wooden walkway on the end of the beach, which isnt bad) and some of the girls there were pretty hot. In the afternoon we hung out and went around town, we watched more golf then i am used to but it was interesting cause the course looked mad hard, even for them. Saturday night we went to AC, why? to pratice for vegas. Me and Geo wanted to sit down at a hold em' table before going to vegas. It was a lot of fun. I went from 100 to over 210. We also played some blackjack. Sunday we watched more golf and went out for pizza. Came home and learned how to play craps online for vegas, hey did i mention i am going to vegas??? Yep i am. We can talk about that when i get back.

thats all, dont want to work. go see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend.
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