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other stuff

my iPod.

So i got an Ipod. after some small issues getting it set up on my computer, it kicks ass. I have 2000 songs on there now and i have a lot of my cds that i need to back up. I can do that pretty easily while i am doing something else like playing video games or watching TV. Anyone with a decent cd collection needs one of these. I am thinking of you george doug and buzz.

video games.

I bought Burnout 3 for Xbox, its pretty killer. Nothing driving and causing as much damage as possible and getting point for it. My Xbox live isnt up right now but i will definitely get it set up soon.

Speaking of video games, many good games are coming out soon, just in case you didnt know.

-Grand theft Auto: San Andreas
-Halo 2
-Half Life 2
-Gran Turismo 4
-Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
-Mortal Kombat: Deception
-Metal Gear Solid 3
-Ratchet and Clank 3
-Devil May Cry 3
-Starcraft Ghost
-Predator: Concrete Jungle
-Killer 7

I am a nerd

Colin Quinn.

Colin Quinns show was on last night after the daily show. I was playing poker on pogo with geo and nix so i didnt have a need to change it. After i was one playing i watched for a couple minutes and he started talking about Michael moore. He said Michael Moore was giving up his chance to win the best documentary oscar but not the best picture. He said this proves that the movie is fictional, and then proceeded to rant how much of a douche Moore is.

the truth is Michael Moore is trying to get his Movie to be on TV before election day. And a best documentary oscar cannot be on TV with like 7 months of its release. So he didnt submit it for best oscar so he could try to get it on TV. But that rule only applies best documentary, not best picture.

Colin Quinn should work for Bill O Reilly. I am boycotting Colin Quinns show, not that it is a big deal because it sucks and i watch the show once a month when the episode of futurama is on sucks.
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